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Saturday, 12 February


11.15am - 11.40am - Future of Ageing: A Food First Approach

Ashleigh Jones - Lite n' Easy

The Royal Commission has spotlighted food quality and nutrition as a major concern for many older Australians. Dietitians Australia reports malnutrition as a silent epidemic amongst seniors and a

critical public health issue. Eating well is a basic pleasure of life, even more so as we age.

A healthy diet is critical to aging well, so while our bodies changed with age, so too do our nutrient

and energy requirement. So what happens to our bodies as we age, and what do seniors actually

need when it comes to eating well?

12.30pm - 12.55pm - Ageing Well

Uniting AgeWell

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1.45pm - 2.10pm - Care & Care Giving

Helen Carr - Carers Victoria

3.00pm - 3.25pm - Exercise for Health

Bonit Tann - healthAbility

Let’s move together! Maintain strength or build confidence to move again.

A 20 minute exercise demonstration to help people build their balance and strength, while

using a combination of seated exercises and standing using the chair for support. As this

routine can be done anywhere, it supports people to independently exercise in the comfort

of their own home and safely gain better balance on their feet. Presented by Bo Tann a leading

Allied Health Assistant at healthAbility and qualified fitness instructor.

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Sunday, 13 February

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11.15am - 11.40am - A Guide for Caring

Paul Koury - Australian Carers Guide

12.30pm - 12.55pm - Ageing Well

Uniting AgeWell

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1.45pm - 2.10pm - Community & Belonging

Jennifer Daddow - Carers Victoria


For our health to flourish, we all need a place where we feel understood and valued.

This is especially true for those family members and friends who provide support to

someone with particular needs related to their ageing.

This session will explore the components which help carers find that place of community

and belonging, including what Carers Victoria as an organisation is doing to develop

communities where carers feel supported and valued

3.00pm - 3.25pm - Hearing Choices

Patrice Lockwood - Victorian Hearing