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Saturday, 14 August

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11.00am - 11.20am - Future of Ageing: A Food First Approach

Ashleigh Jones, presented by Jane Reptik - Lite n' Easy

The Royal Commission has spotlighted food quality and nutrition as a major concern for

many older Australians. Dietitians Australia reports malnutrition as a silent epidemic

amongst seniors and a critical public health issue. Eating well is a basic pleasure of life,

even more so as we age. A healthy diet is critical to aging well, so while our bodies

changed with age, so too do our nutrient and energy requirement. So what happens to

our bodies as we age, and what do seniors actually need when it comes to eating well?

12.00pm - 12.20pm - An Introduction To Carer Supports With Carers WA

Brody MacLeod - Carers WA

For many carers, helping to look after somebody close to them who requires extra help day-to-day

is just a normal part of life – they may be a partner, son, daughter, parent, sibling, friend or neighbour. Caring can be a rewarding experience however it can sometimes be challenging, and it is important

as a carer, that you take the time to look after yourself as well. 

In this session we will discuss some of the free supports and services available to carers

through Carers WA, the peak body representing and supporting carers in Western Australia

and Carer Gateway, a federal government initiative funding a range of practical supports to

assist people caring for a family member or loved one.

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1.00pm - 1.20pm - Lifespan Dance: Seated Dance Classes for Everybody

Paige Gordon - Lifespan Dance

Come and join us to hear about Lifespan Dance and to learn some seated dance

sequences. Paige launched Lifespan Dance in 2019 to offer outreach dance services to

the aged care sector. She is a passionate advocate for Creative Ageing.

2.00pm - 2.20pm - Assistive Technology & Home Design

Steve Pretzel - TADWA

The evidence is overwhelming. Older Australians want to stay living in their own homes for

as long as possible. The good news is that your current home can be adapted to suit your

needs as you (or your parents) age.

For over 35 years, TADWA has been providing home modifications and assistive technologies

to help people live independently and safely in their own homes. In this informative session

TADWA CEO, Steve Pretzel, will show you some of the practical steps you can take now to

ensure that your home adapts to your changing needs.

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3.00pm - 3.20pm - Safe & Found WA

Inspector Steve Scott - Western Australian Police Force


Safe & Found WA is an initiative of the Western Australia Police Force (WA Police Force)

and Australia Medic Alert Foundation.

Safe & Found assists people living with dementia or a cognitive impairment who might be

at risk of becoming lost or reported as missing, by ensuring Police have immediate access

to critical information to help them when undertaking search operations.

A detailed profile outlining a member’s personal history and characteristics is completed

ahead of time, and kept securely along with a recent photo, on the Safe & Found database

for Police to access immediately if the member is reported missing.

Sunday, 15 August

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11.00am - 11.20am - The Positives of Pets in Aged Care

Jodi Taylor - Baptistcare

Baptistcare’s Senior Occupational Therapist, Jodi Taylor, will provide an overview of the benefits of having animals in aged care, accompanied by Baptistcare volunteers Marie and Max the Labradoodle.

12.00pm - 12.20pm - Bethanie Tai Chi Demonstration

Louise Walker - Bethanie

Louise currently teaches Tai Chi at Bethanie on the Park and she will be doing a special demonstration for everyone including a few easy techniques to take home with you.

Louise will demonstrate 3 short exhibition pieces and conduct an audience participation exercise for memory enhancement.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, there is something about Tai Chi

that can improve your enjoyment of life.

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1.00pm - 1.20pm - Be Hearing Healthy

Caroline Fanning - Audika

This presentation will explore the importance of regular hearing assessments, the role of those

living with and caring for people who are hard of hearing, and the role of the clinic and clinicians.

These three topics will help all involved facilitate the journey towards becoming hearing healthy.

2.00pm - 2.20pm - Sing Out Loud: How choral singing brings harmony to older people

Giuseppe Reina - Amana Living

There are an increasing number of reviews and research being conducted focusing on the positive impacts of music and singing on the health and well-being of older people. At

Amana Living, we experience every day how music-based activities and music therapy

have a positive effect on the well-being and health of our residents. Participation in a choir

is one activity during which we have seen a profoundly positive impact on residents and clients. This presentation will explore the Music Therapy Program at Amana Living with a particular focus on choirs (community and intergenerational) ending with a performance

of our choir from James Brown Care Centre in Osborne Park.

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3.00pm - 3.20pm - Aboriginal Elder Care Community Hub

Angela Ryder - Relationships Australia WA

The Noongar community on Wadjuk Boodja have strongly advocated for the establishment

of a high quality, comprehensive and culturally appropriate facility that supports Aboriginal Elders, their families and community members. This project, the Aboriginal Elder Care Community Hub (AECCH) will be on Noongar country and through a stage approach,

will ultimately be managed and delivered by Aboriginal people. Find out about the journey undertaken so far.